The Artist

Painter of the abstract

Painter of the abstract and colorist, his pictorial gestures burst with force and passion: shadows and light, joys and small sufferings, violence of the line and serenity of asceticism, taste for celebration and solitude

Paintings without names, canvases itineraries where everyone finds their own pictorial happiness, vast spaces of serenity, spirituality without violence or aggressiveness: Odile DHORME‘s painting is free, explosive, colorful like that of Klee or Kandinsky, before gaps and geometry and the hard angles of Weimar Germany.

The artist exhibits throughout France and the world, but her refuge is in Meuse where she has always lived and painted, in the middle of nature, sometimes barefoot to better feel the nourishing earth.


She is as abstract as the things she conveys are clear, without any ambiguity. The secrets are in her paintings, in her heart not in the way she paints her desires. Coat after coat, in a magic chemistry, she masters the reactions between the pigments she has brought back from all over the world. She is able to mix dangerous products with the most harmless oil. She can take her canvas from the infinitesimal to the infinitely great. This is Odile Dhorme‘s technique.

Free abstraction ? Of course it is and it couldn’t be otherwise for this little determined woman who “sees” and “looks” in “3D” just as the telescope of Mount Palomar, searching her intimate galaxy full of rebellious and sensual images, but concealed, never conceptual but always very strong and demanding. In one of her tryptiques, you can even feel the beginnings of a cohesion on three planes. The third dimension towards the sky and the immensity of a window wide open on the world.

Text : Pascal Salciarini

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